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Gardena 13


Gardena 13 is a hispanic gang in the South Bay in the city of Gardena. They got an east and west side Vermont being the dividing line. They were founded in the 1950's. They used to share an alliance with Gardena Dog Town 13, a mixed gang on the west side of Gardena but its seems the youngsters of today don't get along. They roll with the Harbor Area car.

Allies and Rivals

Gardena 13 mainly beef with Tortilla Flats 13, South Los 13 and Compton Varrio 155. Other beefs are with Hawthorne Lil Watts 13, Victoria Park Locos 13, Compton Varrio Alondra 13, Varrio Surenos 13, Playboys 13, Inglewood 13, Florencia 13, Cycos 13, Lawndale 13, Lennox 13, Compton Varrio 70s, Evil Klan 13, East Side Wilmas 13, Harbor City 13, West Side Wilmas 13 and Varrio 204th Street 13.



Clique consist of Los Chicos, Gangsters, Rascals, Diablos, Malditos, Criminals, Baby Gangsters, Cyclones, Lil Locos, Peewees, Midgets, Baby Locos, Tinys, Primeros, 13 Gents and Las Chicas.

News stories

Story coming soon.



Gardena 13 often abbreviate the gang as "G13", "WSG13", "ESG13" or "Gx13". Their enemies diss them by calling them "chickens", "gallinas" or "sardines". They wear green.


Gardena 13 claims the entire city of Gardena but can mostly be found east of Western Ave. Most members attend Gardena High School.

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