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204th Street 13


La Rana 13 is a hispanic gang in the South Bay in the city of Torrance. They are the oldest varrio in the Harbor Area forming in the year 1925 and are known to have heavy ties to the Mexican Mafia.

Allies and Rivals

La Rana 13 are allies of Varrio 204th Street 13 and have a good relationship with Lawndale 13. They mainly beef with Tortilla Flats 13, East Side Torrance 13 and Harbor City 13. Other beefs are with Varrio Surenos 13, Harbor City Crips, Dodge City Crips, Centro Torrance, Harbor Lomas 13, Park Western Loma 13, 208th Street Gangster Crips, and Ghost Town Bloods.



Cliques consist of Midgets, Peewees, Tinys and Locos.

News stories

Story coming soon.



La Rana 13 often abbreviate the gang as "LR13". They wear green and their enemies diss them by calling them "Las Ratas". A frog is known as a symbol of this hood and is also seen tagged in their hood.


La Rana 13 claims Del Amo Blvd from Crenshaw to Van Ness and Pueblo Park is their hood Park. Their territory used to extend upwards to 190th Street but has since been replaced by factories. It was in that area that I believe there was a swamp which had frogs in it, which is how the hood came to be known as La Rana.

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