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Redondo 13


North Side Redondo 13 is a hispanic gang located in the South Bay section of Los Angeles southwest of the city of Lawndale and east and southeast of Hermosa Beach. They were founded in the 1940's. Redondo is a middle class neighborhood mostly populated by whites and hispanics with the former emerging as the dominant demographic as of recent. Back when the gang was founded the north side of Redondo was more working class and had a lot of Mexican immigrants in the area. They had the very first permanent gang injunction in 1995 which led to a major decrease in gang activity. That being said they are still around, small in number, and are chief rivals of Lawndale 13. They roll with the Harbor Area Car.

Allies and Rivals

North Side Redondo 13 has a strong alliance with Hawthorne Lil Watts 13 due to their common worst enemy Lawndale 13. Other beefs are with Muertos 13, Lennox 13, Lil Mobsters 13, Diamond Street 13, Varrio Sureness 13, Imperials 13, Varrio 204th Street 13, 118 Gangster Crips, Harbor City 13, East Side Torrance 13, Centro Torrance 13 and Harbor City Crips.



The cliques consist of Los Diablitos, Los Nietos, Night Owls (Girls), Los Tulies and Los Calaveras.

News stories

Story coming soon.



North Side Redondo 13 often abbreviate the gang as "R13" or "NSR13". Their enemies diss them by calling them "Retards" or "dildos". On the picture to the left is an engraving with the gangs initials and the members who wrote it commonly found around Perry Park.


Redondo 13 claim the entire city of Redondo but are mainly focused in the North Side neighborhood which is Adjacent to Lawndale. Perry Park is their hood park. Most members attend Redondo Union High School.

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