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Lawndale 13


Lawndale 13 is a hispanic gang located in the South Bay section of Los Angeles south of the city of Hawthorne. They were founded in 1956 according to some OGs from the hood. Lawndale is a working class neighborhood mostly populated by whites and hispanics with the latter emerging as the dominant demographic as of recent. Lawndale 13 was originally known as West Side Lawndale 13, then started an East Side Lawndale 13 in the 2000s as the presence of Varrio Surenos 13 and Lennox 13 was growing west of the 405. Lawndale 13 rolls with the Harbor Area car.

Allies and Rivals

Lawndale 13 has a good relationship with La Rana 13 and used to share an alliance with Muertos 13 before they started beefing in recent years. Lawndale 13, being an established gang, also has a lot of enemies. They beef with a lot gangs around them with the most notable beefs being North Side Redondo 13, Hawthorne Lil Watts 13 and Varrio Surenos 13. Other beefs are with Lennox 13, Tepa 13, Muertos 13, Hawthorne Thug Family Gangster Crips, Lil Mobsters 13, Hawthorne Piru Gang, 118 Gangster Crips, Mad Ass Gangster Crips, Gardena 13, Evil Klan 13, Socios 13, Poserz 13, Gardena Dog Town 13, South Side Players 13, Night Krawlers 13, Harbor Lomas 13, Lomita 13, West Side Locos 13, East Side Torrance 13, Krazy Crowd 13 and Varrio Nuevo Estrada 13.



The cliques consist of 159th Street, 154th Street and 147th Street for the Eastside. The Westside cliques consist of Traviesos, Los Chicos, Firmona Locos (originally known as Baby Locos), Tiny Locos and Locos. The girl cliques for the Westside are the Malditas, Midnight Dukes, Peewee Locas, Baby Locas, Tiny Locas, Locas and Chola Queens.

News stories

Story coming soon.



Lawndale 13 often abbreviate the gang as "LNDL13", "ESL13", "WSL13", or more often, simply, "L13". They tag these abbreviations frequently in their neighborhood which shows dominance and pride as a gang. Their enemies diss them by calling them "Clowns", "lops", or "clowndale". They wear red.


Lawndale 13 claim the entire city of Lawndale and more specifically claim 159th Street, 154th Street and 147th Street. The Westside is centered around Firmona Ave and the Eastside is centered around Freeman Ave. Jane Adams Park is their hood park. Most members attend Lawndale High School and Leuzinger High School.

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