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West Side Wilmas 13


West Side Wilmas 13 is a notorious Sureño hood in the Harbor Area section of Los Angeles. They were allied with the rest of the Wilmas gangs until 1986 when a shooting over a girl happened causing a war between the East and the West. Since then they have been worst enemies. West Side Wilmas is known for being a large hood and beefing with many hoods around them. They also got a reputation for beefing with their own which is shown through a common saying in their hood which goes as follows, “You ain’t a real west sider until you kill one.” Dana Strand Projects was partly controlled by West Side Wilmas before its destruction in 2002. Wilhall Park is the heart of their hood. They are allied with North Side Wilmas 13 and  mainly beef with East Side Wilmas 13, Rancho San Pedro 13, Harbor City Rifas 13 and Waterfront Piru. Other beefs are with Harbor City Crips, Ghost Town Bloods, Dodge City Crips, San Pedro Stoners 13, Scottsdale Piru, Dominguez Varrio 13, Scott Park Piru, Young Crowd 13, Varrio Calle Oliver 13, Lomita 13, Harbor Lomas 13, Park Western Lomas 13, Gardena 13, Centro Torrance 13, and all other Piru gangs.

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