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Gardena Dog Town 13


Gardena Dog Town 13 is a mixed gang in the South Bay on the westside of Gardena centered around Marine Ave and Van Ness Ave. They were founded in 1977 as Bell Park Stoners before turning into Gardena Dog Town 13. They used to share an alliance with Gardena 13, the main hispanic varrio in the city of Gardena but its seems the youngsters of today don't get along. They roll with the Harbor Area car.

Allies and Rivals

Gardena Dog Town 13 mainly beef with Tortilla Flats 13 and South Los 13. Other beefs are with Hawthorne Lil Watts 13, Lil Mobsters 13, Varrio Surenos 13, Lawndale 13, Dodge City Crips, Victoria Park Locos 13 and Varrio Nuevo Estrada 13.

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Cliques consist of Moteros, Lil Locos, Thornburg Park Winos and Bell Park Stoners.

News stories

Story coming soon.



Gardena Dog Town 13 often abbreviate the gang as "GDT13" or "DT13". Their enemies diss them by calling them "Dogshits" or "Dogturds". They wear green.


Gardena Dog Town 13 is on the westside of Gardena and claim a few parks such as, Thornburg Park, Freeman Park, Bell Park and Alondra Park. They claim 144th Street, 146th Street, 149th Street and 156th Street.

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