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Lennox 13


Lennox 13 is a large Mexican gang located in the west side of Los Angeles southwest of the city of Inglewood in an unincorporated area known as Lennox. They were founded in the 1950's and were originally known as Los Compadres Varrio 2. This little pocket in LA county is known for being heavily influenced with Hispanic culture, while being next to Hawthorne, Inglewood and South Central, which are predominately black areas. 

Allies and Rivals

Lennox 13 have a strong alliance with Venice 13 and are also allied with Varrio Surenos 13 and Malditos 13. Lennox 13 are a very hated gang. They beef with a lot gangs around them with the most notable beefs being Inglewood 13, Tepa 13, Tongan Crip Gang, 118 Gangster Crips. Other beefs are with 18th Street, Hawthorne Little Watts 13, Culver City 13, Muertos 13, Lawndale 13, Socios 13, Imperials 13, Krazy Crowd 13, Los Compadres Varrio 3, North Side Redondo 13, Raza 13, Poserz 13, Gardena 13, Mad Ass Gangster Crips, Hawthorne Thug Family Gangster Crips, Hawthorne Piru Gang, Inglewood Family Gangster Bloods, Legend Crip Gang, Mara Salvatrucha 13, Florencia 13, Evil Klan 13 and Night Krawlers 13.



Cliques consist of Tokers, Peewee Locos, Jokers, Winos, Night Owls, Mexican Power, Midget Locos, Tiny Locos, Gangsters, Locas and Playgirls. 

News stories

Story coming soon.



Lennox 13 often abbreviate the gang as "LNX13", "Lenex", "LNX", or simply "L13". They tag these abbreviations frequently in their neighborhood which shows dominance and pride as a gang. Their enemies diss them by calling them "Kleenex", "tissues", or "levanox".


Lennox 13 are mainly in Unincorporated Lennox claiming 104th Street, 111th Street and 112th Street. They also had blocks in Hawthorne claiming 116th Street and Inglewood Ave, and in Lawndale claiming 161st Street and Inglewood Ave. Lennox 13 is also in San Fernando Valley and Orange County. Most members attend Hawthorne High School or Venice High School.

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