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Lil Mobsters 13

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Lil Mobsters 13 was originally a black gang known as Lil Mobsters Crip Gang which adapted to a 13 shortly after and are located in a very small infamous pocket in the city of Gardena on 147th Street and Chadron Ave. They were founded in the 1980's and have a clique in Long Beach and used to have one in South Central. They are one third of the gangs who claim that rundown neighborhood on 147th Street.

Allies and Rivals

Lil Mobsters 13 mainly beef with Varrio Surenos 13 and Hawthorne Lil Watts 13. Other beefs are with Longos 13, Gardena Dog Town 13, Lawndale 13, 18th Street, Tepa 13, Evil Klan 13, North Side Redondo 13, Los Compadres Varrio 3, Hawthorne Thug Family Gangster Crips and Hawthorne Piru Gang.



Cliques consist of Chadron Locos, Peewee Locos (Long Beach) and Tiny Winos Locos (South Central; Inactive).

News stories

Story coming soon.



Lil Mobsters 13 often abbreviate the gang as "LMS13". Their enemies diss them by calling them "Mutts" or "lobsters".


These days Lil Mobsters can be found on Chadron and 147th and Long Beach.

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